This blog is mainly about the typical, yet requisite problems concerning the universe, society, and myself. Through the steady decline of the world around us, many people have lost their sense of clemency and have forfeited any form of humanity they ever once exhibited.
On a side note, in no way is this blog rationalizing or supporting acts of violence or terror. It is simply one that explemplifies the realtiies behind what society attempts to suppress. In any case, it is soon to become one which provides an overview of my thoughts on reform, injustice, regression and progression.
No war.
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Dark Fortress - Ylem

Can we all stop whatever we are doing and appreciate how perfect this is!?

Either paint everything red or black. gogogo.

"American Capitalism is preserved by two essential and integral factors: fraud and force. Fraud is the ideological and cultural hegemony of the capitalist creed: that enterprise is free and competition exists for all in the marketplace; that success is available for all who work hard, accumulate capital, and participate as voters in the electoral process; that democratic government is dependent upon the freedom to own private property. Blacks, Latinos, and white workers are barraged daily with illusions about the inherent justice and equal opportunity within the American System. The educational institutions, churches, media and popular culture all in their own way participate in creating the logical framework for a system that remains irrational and inhumane. Beneath the velvet glove of fraud exists the iron fist of force. For reasons of history, Black people are more aware than whites of this delicate dichotomy between consensus vs. coercion. The essence of slavery was coercion of the most primitive kind - the relationships between master and slave were characterized by mutual distrust, fear, hatred and undisguised force. All slaves, whether the proverbial Uncle Toms or Nat Turners, recognized that production could not take place without the daily use of physical or psychological violence. Even the most paternalistic master had to divide Black families occasionally or employ the whip to get the crop to market on schedule. Under industrial capitalism, however, the essence of production involves force of a different kind: the extraction of surplus value from the labor power of the worker. Force is generally disguised within capitalist societies with democratic forms of government. The worker never receives the actual or real value of his/her own labor, but is technically “free” to sell his/her skills or services to the highest bidder, or employer. Blue collar and service workers are “less free” than professional workers, but all are forced to accept the conditions of employment that the owners of capital are willing to grant."

"People of color have to learn white culture for survival. White people learn brown and black culture for ‘ghetto’ jokes."


Sara David

or to appear ‘well-rounded’ or ‘spiritual’ or ‘authentic’ or ‘enlightened’ or ‘hip’ or ‘radical’ (via theanimalnamesofplants)

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