This blog is mainly about the typical, yet requisite problems concerning the universe, society, and myself. Through the steady decline of the world around us, many people have lost their sense of clemency and have forfeited any form of humanity they ever once exhibited.
On a side note, in no way is this blog rationalizing or supporting acts of violence or terror. It is simply one that explemplifies the realtiies behind what society attempts to suppress. In any case, it is soon to become one which provides an overview of my thoughts on reform, injustice, regression and progression.
No war.
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Anonymous said: The failure of some does not mean necessarily the failure of an entire economic system

It depeneds really, especially on who has failed.

"They talk about the failure of socialism, but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?"


A truly poor society is one that solely equates wealth with success. 

"Morality is one of the ideological functions in this struggle. The ruling class forced its ends upon society and habituates it into considering all those means which contradict its ends as immoral. … It pursues the idea of the “greatest possible happiness” not for the majority but for a small and ever diminishing minority. Such a regime could not have endured for even a week through force alone."